Innovation in FM & Digital Radio


Author:  Eric Funk (KRKQ-PD)

There’s been a lot of buzz about digital media these days.  While terrestrial radio has been critiqued as an old medium that has refused to change,  the truth of the matter is that the digital revolution has sparked innovations in programming and technology that have revitalized the medium – this, the original free wireless medium.  The future belongs to those who know how to go with that flow.

Back in 2011 we knew that in spite of predictions to the contrary, terrestrial radio was going to see excellent growth. That’s why we brought the programming that we had been developing for years on our million plus total listener hour Internet stream (2013 TLH year-end total) to the FM airwaves in Telluride.  Mountain Chill (TM) is a format that listeners love, a format that grew up on the Internet and has now found a home on FM in prime time.

Am I being overly optimistic? It’s not just that I personally believe in terrestrial radio. I recently returned from a meeting with the Colorado Broadcasters Association and learned that indeed,  Nielsen data shows just what we expected, Coloradans are still glued to their FM/AM radios.  You may wonder where pure play streaming Internet radio (like Pandora) falls in terms of Colorado listenership or how much time Coloradan’s actually spend listening to the radio vs. time spent on the Internet. I’d love to share our story as well as the details of the Nielsen report with you in person.  Check in with me, Eric Funk, at 877-270-4361.  Even if you aren’t interested in radio advertising at this time,  I’d like to hear what you have to say.  And yes, that’s me pictured on our tower on Grayhead in the photo.


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