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Welcome to Radio Ad Buzz,  your first stop for information about sponsorship opportunities on KRKQ/Mountain Chill®, Class-A commercial FM radio in Telluride and the San Miguel Valley.

Mountainchill’s audience consists of the visionaries, creatives, and decision-makers who live, work, ski, hike, climb, shop, and dine in Telluride and the pristine San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

Although we are a commercial station, we draw inspiration from many of the best music-oriented current-music leaning public radio stations. This is why we’ve opted for limited commercial interruption and top-notch service to a selected group of client/sponsors.

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The “live-read” revival


The advertising industry has long recognized the benefit of live, DJ read advertising (known in the industry as a “live read”). Live reads promote authenticity and build on the already established relationship between the DJ and listeners.

If you are a public radio news listener you may already be familiar with live-reads as the delivery method for underwriting announcements; eg. “Morning Edition is underwritten by Annie’s Espresso, located at 333 Main St.” However, on noncommercial public radio, these announcements are strictly informational.

At KRKQ, however, we take the “live-read” and build on its personal touch, adding-in powerful commercial elements that cannot be aired on public radio. Our live reads often include prices, quality descriptions, and inducements to buy. This is one of the benefits of our commercial-license.

Live-read ads are always clearly identified as an ad or sponsorship, this keeps the programming clear and transparent as our listeners and sponsors have come to expect.

Here’s a list of some of these sponsorship opportunities at Mountain Chill®/KRKQ. Many of these opportunities get booked a year in advance.  Get in touch with us today ( to learn about which of these sponsorship opportunities are still available for this season.


Sixty second live DJ reads at the introduction and at the conclusion of the following shows:

OVER 40% BOOKED – Fall/Winter 2016/17
Morning Drive (7:30 – 8:30 AM / M-F)
Lunch Lounge (Noon – 1 PM / M-F)
Evening Drive (4:30 – 5:30 PM / M-F)


Sixty second live DJ reads at the start or conclusion of the following features.

Weather (3x daily /M-F)  – BOOKED – Fall/Winter 2016/17
Calendar (3x daily /M-F) – BOOKED – Fall/Winter 2016/17
Ski & Snow Report in season (2x daily /M-F) – BOOKED – Fall/Winter 2016/17

(Updated Sept. 22, 2016)

Buy like an agency


Mountainchill® is leveling the field and giving local businesses and organizations the opportunity to purchase advertising like an agency.   Contact us at 877-270-4361 or to request an invitation to browse and purchase advertising directly online via our Square advertising shop.

Agency purchases online are still supported by AEInbox too!